Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Position Phone Email
Dunn, Sheena School Community Resource Coordinator 363-1989 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Grade Phone Website Email
Allen, Andrea Paraprofessional email staff
Barnes, Akili First Grade 363-1939 email staff
Barnett, Amber Paraprofessional email staff
Bowman, Shawna Talbert House 363-1991
Brown, Michael 2nd Grade 363-1900 email staff
Busemeyer, Mary Beth Pre-Kindergarten 363-1900 email staff
Cargile, Jeffery Paraprofessional email staff
Carter, Nichole School Health Assistant 363-1921 email staff
Chapman, Morgan Math Specialist K-6 363-1929 email staff
Chase, Aaram Custodian
Coleman, Lawrence Paraprofessional email staff
Collins, Lynn ELA/Social Studies 6th Grade 363-1900 email staff
Daniels, Danita Talbert House 363-1991
Dixon, Jewel Math/Science 4th Grade 363-1900 email staff
Duncan-Stamper, Djuana Intervention Specialist - MH Intermediate 363-1900 email staff
Fletcher, Kamyia Second Grade 363-1975 email staff
Givens-Blackmon, Shelby Paraprofessional Kindergarten 363-1900 email staff
Goodson, Darren ALS Coordinator email staff
Gourley, Ryan Intervention Specialist/Testing 4th-6th Grade 363-1900 email staff
Halsey, Rose Paraprofessional Primary MH 363-1900 email staff
Hausfeld, Eleanor Occupational Therapist 363-1919 email staff
Hayes, Anthony Primary Camelot 363-1937 email staff
Hertweck, Bailey Third Grade 363-1934 email staff
Hollin, Anthony 1st Grade 363-1900 email staff
Horton, Amber Intervention Specialist - MH Primary 363-1900 email staff
Isaacs, NaTasha Paraprofessional email staff
Jackson, Ivy Paraprofessional 2nd Grade 363-1900 email staff
Lee, Lillian PreK Nap Aide
Lee, Keijuan Custodian
Lewis, Charles Paraprofessional Intermediate PH 363-1900 email staff
Lewis, Tae'Maria Talbert House 363-1992
Lige, Sheila Intervention Specialist K-2nd 363-1900 email staff
Lige, Stephen Custodian
Marsh, Laura Kindergarten 363-1974 email staff
Marx, Shannon Reading Specialist K-6 363-1999 email staff
Maxsam, Valerie ELA/Social Studies 4th Grade 363-1900 email staff
McCloud, Mica Paraprofessional email staff
Morales-Matos, Sonia Music K-6 363-1924 email staff
Ogle, Elveta Intervention Specialist 5th and 6th Grade 363-1900 email staff
Piphus, Marsha Speech Therapist 363-1900 email staff
Russell, Melody Visiting Teacher 363-1960 email staff
Scaglia, Zoe PreK 363-1954 email staff
Shaffner, Ashley Kindergarten 363-1933 email staff
Simpson, Lottie Paraprofessional MH 363-1900 email staff
Smith, Jennifer Science 5th and 6th Grade 363-1900 email staff
Teague, Alex Paraprofessional email staff
Vu, Ahn Talbert House 363-1900 email staff
Walker, Gene Paraprofessional email staff
Wilfong, Theodore Plant Operator 363-1915
Williams, Molly Paraprofessional email staff
Zaffer, John Technology K-6th Grade 363-1900 email staff